Jon Linville



Owner and Founder

Jon, the owner and founder of Innovative Audio and Video, started with electronics in high school installing car stereo systems for friends. Later he was hired by a local car stereo shop and assisted in building competition cars. After several years of working in the car stereo field, the company he worked for decided to expand their home theater business. Jon began work in this field and eventually designed, installed and managed projects. Jon was chosen by Elan to be featured in one of their full page ads that ran in a few different national magazines for several months. This is an honor that only a few other people have enjoyed. He has helped Elan and Homelogic with alpha and beta testing of software and products prior to being released to the public, provided input on product design and enhancement, and was awarded the “Tech Guru” of the year award in 2008. This was the first, and only year that Elan has given this award.

In 2009 Jon decided to leave his previous employer of 15 years and founded Innovative Audio and Video. The company has had steady growth each year with the majority of business coming from customer referrals and repeat business.

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